The Governor’s Mansion Library contains much of the rich history of South Carolina in the form of South Carolina memorabilia and many volumes about the state and her people. The memorabilia includes a three-dollar bill made in Charleston in 1777, a pair of oyster plates once used in the White House during the administration of President Rutherford B. Hayes, a Catawba Indian water drum, and a bronze sculpture of Fountain Inn’s Peg Leg Bates by Maria Kirby-Smith.  Mr. Bates had a wooden peg leg and learned to dance so well that he danced all over the world.  

The table is an 18th century medicine chest resting upon a small frame designed by furniture-maker Art Welling of Greenville.  It belongs to the family of Dr. G. Fraser Wilson of Charleston. There is also a pastel portrait of a scene from “Dixie Oaks” Plantation by Elizabeth O’Neill Verner, a Charleston Renaissance artist. The pastel was given to the Mansion by the Palmetto Cabinet, spouses of S.C. Legislators.