South Carolina takes pride in this splendid Mansion, which has been "home" to more than thirty governors and their families through the years.

The Mansion, however, is more than a residence. The public rooms are a repository of treasures - silver and china, furniture, paintings and documents - that remain permanently in the Mansion. All are illustrative of the rich history and heritage of South Carolina.

The Mansion is used for entertaining visiting dignitaries. Here, the handsome home is an ideal place for South Carolina to extend a warm welcome to emissaries who visit our state.

The grounds of the Mansion encompasses nine acres of land in the heart of the historic district of Columbia. Two other houses, The Lace House and The Caldwell-Boylston House, are located on the grounds.

Two organizations work closely with the state on matters concerning these three buildings. The Governor's Mansion Commission is the custodian of the contents of the public rooms of the Mansion and the other two houses. The Commission approves all alterations, additions and renovations. The Governor's Mansion Foundation, a non-profit corporation, seeks donations of furnishings and administers monies used to acquire artifacts.